“Marriage Equality” (It’s all about ME.)

Marriage Equality. What a smart slogan that is! After all, who could be against “equality”? Don’t we pride ourselves on being an egalitarian society, here in Australia?

But get behind the slogan… what does it actually mean? Do the advocates for ME believe that it extends to polygamous marriage? Does it include group marriage, with several adults of different gender all getting “married”? If not, why not? What about extending “marriage” to other species?! Well, why not?

The point is that ME is a slogan, and it’s only a slogan. It looks OK on the outside, but if you unscrew the lid, the container is empty.

Maybe we should be advocating Marriage QUALITY. That is, marriage as God ordained it, and as it has been practised for centuries by every nation on earth. A life-long union and commitment to one another of a man and a woman, where, if God is pleased to grant it, children who are the product of their union can be raised in an atmosphere of love.

Of course, these days, to advocate Marriage QUALITY will be denounced as “hate speech.” Perhaps the best response to this ludicrous slander is simply to laugh at it, for it is laughable. (And of course, the same epithet could be applied to those who denigrate the advocates of traditional marriage: those who generally don’t descend to the gutter when engaging in polite debate or polemics.)

So, let’s leave ME out of it, and sing the praises of MQ!